Editorial 18.09.2016 - Inspections, Exams and Test results

End of 2015-2016 exam and test outcomes

Congratulations to all of the secondary schools that Incyte supports as a school improvement partner (RI to Outstanding). Throughout the previous year we have supported schools in special measures and we are very pleased to say that they are now in the Required to Improve category. All, have improved their GCSE, A Level results and progress measures. One of our schools is now top in its local authority for Progress 8 measure.
In addition, all our primary schools are outside the coasting school expected measures which is a significant achievement considering the problems we have all had with the KS2 SATs.
There have also been improvements where consultants have been requested to work on specific subjects or other aspects of the school’s work, such as Early Years. Ofsted reports have reflected this work and praised for example, safeguarding procedures which have changed as a result of an Incyte audit.
There has been in particular, a significant improvement for disadvantaged pupils in the schools who have had specific support with this aspect.

The high quality support we provide has been acknowledged in a recent Section 8 visit:

‘Governors have commissioned highly effective external support from an independent school improvement partner (…Incyte International). The work has supported leaders’ development of an action plan, in response to the previous inspection, which includes clear targets and deadlines for their achievement. This allows leaders and governors to closely monitor progress towards objectives. The school improvement partner has worked to develop the skills and expertise of middle leaders. Middle leaders are now developing ways to demonstrate and evaluate the impact of the actions they are taking. Governors have responded well to on-going training provided by the school improvement partner. They are developing skills to interpret key school performance information and more effectively hold leaders to account. Additional training has been planned.’
We would like to thank all our consultants and schools for all their hard work and our school leaders who respond extremely well to what are sometimes difficult messages and challenges. We look forward to working with you all in the current academic year.

Middle East Update

Editorial Sept2016 Our schools in the Middle East have also either maintained or improved their inspection grading.
In particular, as a result of 3 years of support in an IB all through school in Dubai, the school has become very first IB school to gain an outstanding judgement. Our ‘Inspire to Teach’ programme came in for particular praise.
Our success has led to an increase in enquiries for Incyte International’s school support. Directors are travelling out to the Middle East for the week beginning 18th September to meet with and begin supporting our new schools.

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