Editorial 03.10.2016 - Unions to advise a boycott of next year’s SATs?

The most recent message to members from Russell Hobby, NAHT General Secretary, highlights the concerns of headteachers across England about the current situation of assessment.
‘I have outlined what the government needs to do, arguing for:

  • A full review of assessment and accountability conducted in partnership with the profession;
  • A moratorium on the introduction of further high stakes tests, including the year seven resit and the use of KS1 test data in league tables;
  • A replacement for the mess of writing teacher assessment, including consistent moderation and a change from secure fit;
  • An end to the KS1 SPAG test;
  • Revisions to the design of the KS2 reading test;
  • Full engagement on any future baseline assessment;
  • A halt to intervention, action or ranking based on this year’s meaningless data and fair benchmarks for junior and infant schools.’

Certainly as far as Incyte is concerned it fully supports each of the points above.
We hope that the government begins to understand that the errors made over the last twelve months in particular are forcing education down the wrong pathway and a pathway that the leaders of the best education systems across the world would endorse.

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