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Incyte Reviews

Incyte provides its own school review process that is designed to meet the school’s/academy's specific needs for improving self-evaluation. The basic model mirrors the current Ofsted process and involves the school’s SLT through a supportive, professional development and coaching process. By the end of the Review, the SLT is much more prepared to present an accurate picture of how well the school/academy is doing and has a clear view and action plan to move forwards on its improvement journey.

Partner Reviews

Partner reviews are generally conducted with groups of associated schools/academies where key members of the teaching team from one or more schools/academies work as team members and are led by a very experienced Ofsted lead inspector. The main aims of this process are to enhance school to school support systems and to improve the quality of evaluation skills amongst key personnel. In groups of schools/academies, the whole process enhances the future capacity of the group in terms of senior and middle leadership and in the leadership of teaching and learning.
In addition we also offer departmental reviews or aspects such as SEND and literacy as well as partner departmental reviews.
For further information please download the relevant Incyte documents:

  Primary Academy and School Review

  Secondary School Review

  International School Review

  IPRC Guidance for Acadamies and Schools

Fees for Reviews start at £1000 + VAT