‘The most impressive and effective element of ‘Inspire..2..Teach’ is that it comes from and is rooted in the best classroom practice which already exists within the school itself. That, together with expert external guidance, gives it validity and immediate impact both in raising standards in the classroom and in teachers’ professional development and self-esteem.’ - Dover Christ Church Academy, Kent

  ‘The Inspire..2..Teach programme is transforming the way we improve learning and teaching at our Academy. Our ‘Leaders of Learning’ are leading the way in observing lessons, reflecting on learning, sharing best practice and improving learning outcomes for all our students. The coaching style focusses on improving teaching skills, lesson planning and self-evaluation in a non-judgemental way – a partnership built on mutual trust.’ - Broadlands Academy, Keynsham

Inspire..2..Teach is a programme that has evolved from the intensive school improvement support Incyte has provided for schools in the UK and overseas over the last few years. Consistent requests from schools to return term after term to support and work with teachers, middle leaders and senior leaders to improve the quality of teaching led to a model of support that built effectively on the best practice in the school and, at the same time, enhanced the in-school support provided for teachers from middle and senior leaders. It has been consistently recognised that the quality of teaching and learning can only be improved over time if all ‘buy in’ to the concept of ‘grass roots’ improvement. In other words, if teachers see the need to improve and middle and senior leaders provide them with the opportunities to improve then sustainable improvement begins to take place. Within this professional development atmosphere teachers are able to take ownership of their own improvement whilst at the same time receiving mentored and coaching support from middle and senior staff in school. The final piece in the jigsaw is recognised by the schools to be crucial is the external support for the middle and senior leaders from teaching and learning experts who have a clear understanding of what outstanding teaching looks like and who are able to guide the school towards achieving this for all teachers over time.

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