Huish Academy

'I have been working with INCYTE for almost three years, both in terms of school improvement work and safeguarding development.  I have always been very happy with the professionalism, challenge and support provided as this has really helped us to consider our strategic planning and operational monitoring procedures.  I would recommend INCYTE to any education professionals looking for a team who can provide school improvement work’.

Chris Wade, Principal

Winton Academy

Incyte's rigorous and professional approach has led to Winton having a strong reputation with regard to all aspects of safeguarding. Their constructive and hard hitting reports deliver clear areas for development which we are able to act on to ensure we are never complacent. I would whole heartedly recommend any school to work in partnership with Incyte to provide challenge within a supportive framework.

Nathan Thomas, Headteacher

Challney High School For Boys, Luton

Many thanks for your work in ensuring the audits have run so well. As I have said previously, our teams have truly valued the quality and professional development offered by your team. The reports provide such a rich source of evaluation and insight and our Team Leaders gain so much from the process of engaging at that level.Karen Bateman

Ajman Academy, United Arab Emirates

The Inspire..2..Teach programme:   Dear Caroline, Thank you for your email, the feedback is lovely. I do appreciate your kind words. We have already mentioned your visit in the primary newsletter and will add your words too. I have shared Malcolm into our follow up meeting minutes in the Primary School and we are already journalling and planning more learning walks and observations - the buzz that you created with your fantastic coaching and advice is very much alive. Happy to have had this experience and I'm looking forward to the next visit. - Kerry Smith, Acting Primary School Principal

Myton School, Warwick

Special Educational Needs review:  Meanwhile, if you are in contact with either of them, my feedback is that they are excellent reviewers and I would recommend them (and will) to anybody. I think it is their expertise which allows such insightful conclusions which are spot on but rapid. Interestingly, they hadn’t met until this morning and quickly went their separate ways today to do different things. Four hours later they are discussing their conclusions which are perfectly aligned but arrived to from different directions. Really impressed and I enjoyed working with them. - Andy Perry, Headteacher

Rivermead Inclusive Trust, Rivermead

I found the consultative review process to be very challenging (which is a good thing) as well as very guiding and supportive. Throughout the full three days myself, the Chair of the Trust, my leadership team and the whole school felt that the whole experience was extremely useful. I am looking forward to working with you again in February to carry out a similar process with one of our Trust Schools. - Tina Lovey, CEO, Headteacher

Swiss International Scientific School, Dubai

I want to say thank you. I had an excellent experience with both trainers and appreciate your guidance and professionalism. You really helped us to focus and prioritize our actions of the next academic year. - Shona Tait, Deputy Head, PYP Coordinator

Brookside Academy, Somerset

What a brilliant report. Both Incyte consultants were excellent. Very authoritative, good fun and absolutely 'on the ball'. This report gives me the research/evidence to launch phase 2 of my headship here. It has saved me a lot of work and got right to the point. - Brian Walton, Headteacher

Claremont Primary School, Tunbridge Wells
Thank you for enabling Gulshan and Laurie to lead our review this week. It was very beneficial and I know will help drive school improvement further. I was very appreciative of their wisdom and guidance. - Mrs Sylvia Crockett MA(Ed) B. Mus NPQH, Headteacher

Reach Academy, Feltham

 I wanted to share our first Ofsted report with you. We are all delighted; we got outstanding in every category. It was a great team effort and we gave a really great account of ourselves. The visits by Helen [Blanchard] and Sian [Thomas] were very helpful in establishing the authenticity of our data. - Ed Vainker, Principal